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Printing Paperboard, Beverage Package

More choices mean more value. Zumbiel makes your package printing decisions easier by offering you three important printing options — Lithographic,  Flexographic and Gravure.

Lithographic Printing Packaging ServicesLithographic

  • Up to seven colors and coatings
  • UV and aqueous coatings
  • Large formats
  • CTP and conventional plates
  • Combination forms


Flexographic Printing PackagingFlexographic

  • Up to eight colors
  • Backside printing
  • Up to 150-line screen
  • In-line UV and aqueous coatings
  • Digital art files for CTP and/or films for conventional plates
  • Large formats


Gravure Printing ServiceGravure

  • Up to eight colors
  • Backside printing
  • Up to 250-line screen
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Large format