A great solution starts with an original concept.

Our Design Philosophy

We emphasize collaboration to come up with exciting solutions that meet expectations, budgets, and timelines. Our technology and processes support the nimbleness and flexibility to try new things—making the design process rewarding.

About Zumbiel Designers

Every customer is different, every need is different, so every solution is different.

Customer looking at beverage basket


Our designers carefully evaluate each product, customer need, and the marketplace to create unique packaging options that attract attention and work in the customer system.



Explore a range of input options and structures for distinctive packaging that give your products an edge.


Zumbiel team member reviewing two printouts

Problem Solvers

Designers do whatever it takes to create the perfect packaging solution.

The Design Process

Zumbiel has an established process that supports creativity within the guidelines of a project. This iterative approach ensures the chosen solution is aligned with client requests and required specifications at every step. Our goal is for each customer to be delighted with the end result.


Designers create conceptual options for your packaging.


We construct a physical sample for review.

Iteration and Approval

Based on client feedback, we’ll tweak the sample until it’s approved.

Design Outputs

Zumbiel designer use CAD software to render illustration
Two of Zumbiel designers building mockups
Zumbiel designers buidling beverage prototypes cartons
  • CAD Drawing

    Designers use software to render an illustration of the concept.

  • Mock-Ups

    A physical sample supports visualization of the design.

  • Prototypes

    Samples are created to test in the real world.

Ask an Expert

Have a question about how we design or other aspects of working with us? Get insights and advice from one of our packaging experts.