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Paperboard packaging holds the key to your frozen food and snack success. That’s because customers make in-the-moment decisions based on their perception of your food packaging. We’ll help you make those moments count.

Quick turns for faster time to market.  With the fastest lead times in the industry—typically less than two weeks—you can get to market faster.

Traceability.  Our packages can be easily traced in the event of a food product recall.

Safety.  FSSC 22000 food safety certification ensures that we are always in compliance with globally accepted standards.

Simplicity.  Zumbiel simplifies ordering and fulfillment to provide a predictable and accurate delivery schedule.

Variety.  As an independent paperboard company, we can offer you a huge variety of printing processes and structures that result in stand-out packaging.

Strength.  Our coated, unbleached craft paper (CUK) paperboard has wet strength added for the freezer environment, ensuring cartons hold up in storage, on display, and when carried.

Machine design services.  We spec and provide filling equipment to streamline frozen foods packaging at every step.

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We rely on digital technologies, our customer service team, and our significant experience to create affordable and sustainable food packaging solutions.

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