Individualized Packaging

Get packages that are unique to each consumer with variables like names and photos using our cutting-edge digital press. This technology makes personalization easy and quick.

Customer looking at beverage basket

Impress Consumers and Generate Buzz

Personalization is a fun and effective strategy to engage consumers and get people talking about your brand. Whether it’s their name on a box of candy or a pet’s photo on a carton of treats, people love items that are made especially for them.

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How It Works

Create a Promotion

Customers run a marketing campaign and collect consumers’ personalization data.

Digital Files Are Loaded

Customers send the resulting files and we upload them into the press.

High-Speed Output

Zumbiel can create thousands of personalized packages in an hour, including printing, die-cutting, and gluing.


Each box is printed with a unique bar code that automatically generates mailing labels to send the package to the consumer.

Photo Quality

Get superior image quality even with a range of file types and sizes.

Brand Integrity

Digital press technology ensures consistent brand identity.

Ask an Expert

Our paperboard experts are always available to advise on a creative solution for your brand’s packaging or innovative ways to help create cost efficiencies.