About SBS

Virgin Fiber Grade

Made from hardwood, SBS’s smooth surface offers exceptional printing quality.

Safe for Food Contact

SBS is often used for bakery and confectionary products, as well as other food items.

A Distinctive Look

SBS’s clean surface makes for a striking appearance on the shelf.

Environmentally Friendly

Trees used for SBS paperboard are grown at dedicated farms, not logged in the wild.


Zumbiel consumer packaged goods with red tablets on the side
  • Other Characteristics

    In addition to providing an excellent surface for printing, SBS can be embossed and hot foil stamped. Its properties also help protect products that are aroma – and flavor-sensitive.

  • Best Used for

    SBS’s qualities make it a versatile paperboard for a range of products. Common uses include food, bakery and confectionery products, retail, and more.