Vendor Management Inventory

Offload Your Ordering Process

Imagine: no more excess or obsolete inventory, no more stock-outs. Zumbiel uses a proven vendor management inventory (VMI) system to ensure our customers have the packaging they need when they need it. We analyze seasonal trends, historical data, and customer forecasts to provide required quantities that match demand.


Demand Alignment

VMI ensures packaging inventory aligns with customer needs.

Reduced Costs

Do away with expensive rush orders and being stuck with out-of-date cartons.

Increased Productivity

Customers have more time to focus on their business, not figuring out how much to order.


Major brands trust our record of accuracy and reliability.

Data Insights

Gathering and monitoring data over time makes VMI even more accurate and dependable.

Streamlined Fulfillment

Take advantage of a more efficient way to procure packaging.

Inventory Management

The right quantity ready when you need it

Zumbiel simplifies ordering and fulfillment to provide a predictable and accurate delivery schedule. The result: fewer details for you to worry about—and more benefits to your bottom line.

Ask an Expert

Our paperboard experts are always available to advise on a creative solution for your brand’s packaging or innovative ways to help create cost efficiencies.