Packaging for Maximum Impact

In a crowded marketplace, consumer packaged goods must stand out. With the flexibility to choose from a wide range of paperboard, coatings, inks, printing processes, and more, Zumbiel works with customers to design and create brand-aligned packaging that draws consumers’ attention.

Advantages for CPG Customers


As an independent business, we are able to offer more choices in paperboard, inks, structures and more


CUK, SBS, CRB—we have the ideal grade for products across categories.

Inks and Coatings

Select from an abundance of options to to create the perfect carton.

Printing Processes

Express your brand with digital, lithographic, or flexographic process.

Machine Design

We make sure CPG cartons work efficiently with your filling equipment for a streamlined packaging process.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Let us handle forecasting for all your CPG SKUs. More about VMI.

Ask an Expert

Have a question about how we Have a question about how we design or other aspects of working with us? Get insights and advice from one of our packaging experts.